How Quickly Can I Close on a Cash Sale?

If you’ve ever sold a home, you know it can be months between listing a house for sale and the closing date. But with a cash sale, you can close in less than 30 days, and very often, sooner than that. This is possible because the cash sale skips many of the steps of a traditional sale.

Don’t Make Repairs

Typically, you have to repair your home and clean it up even before listing it for sale. Repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Then, after a pre-closing home inspection, you may be liable for even more repairs at the buyer’s request. 

That’s not the case with a cash sale. A cash buyer will purchase your home “as is,” regardless of its condition. Since you will never be asked to make repairs, there’s no delay in deciding to sell the house or closing on the deal.

Receive an Offer within 24 Hours

You also don’t have to open your home to strangers who will view your house and decide whether they want to buy it. With a traditional sale, you may have to endure numerous showings before someone makes an offer.

In contrast, a cash buyer will make you an offer within 24 hours. Just contact the buyers, either online or by phone, and tell them basic information about your house, such as the location, the number of bedrooms, and the condition. The buyer will make a no-obligation cash offer within hours.

No Waiting for Buyer Financing

In a traditional sale, the closing date is usually scheduled 30 to 60 days after accepting the offer. That gives the buyer time to secure mortgage financing. But in a cash sale, you can almost always close within a week or two.

A cash buyer already has the funds on hand to buy your home. That means you can skip the inspection and appraisals, and you don’t have to wait for a mortgage company or underwriter to complete their processes. With a cash sale, you just sign the deed transfer and accept the money.

A cash sale can close quickly because it’s not held up by the procedures and red tape associated with the traditional sales process. Instead, you are selling directly to a buyer who wants to buy your home.

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