3 Ways to Save with a Cash Home Sale

A cash home sale is fast and easy, but many people don’t realize it can also save them money. When your home needs repair or you need a quick sale, selling your home to a cash buyer can be the solution. Unlike traditional home sales, there are no costs to you. This hassle-free way of selling a house can save you money.

No Repairs Necessary

Cash home buyers will purchase your home no matter what condition it’s in. You are not obligated to fix it up, declutter it, or clean up. The cash buyer doesn’t care if the decor is up to date. Even if your house needs serious repairs, you don’t have to do anything.

This can save you thousands of dollars, especially if your home needs a major repair or has numerous small defects. Since the house will not be offered to the public or inspected, you don’t have to worry about the deal falling through. The cash buyer accepts the risk of taking on all necessary repairs.

No Waiting

When selling a house on the market, you could wait months for an offer and then wait longer for a closing date. Meanwhile, you have to continue to pay utilities, insurance, taxes, and other expenses on the house. It can add up to thousands.

Since a cash sale is so fast—you can usually close within a week or two—you can save money on these ongoing expenses. Your bills will stop the day you sign the final papers and hand over the keys to the cash buyer.

No Commission

Selling to a cash buyer can also save you money because cash buying companies do not charge commission. In a traditional home sale, commission can be as high as 6% of the selling price, depending on where you live.

But cash buyers don’t employ sales agents, so there is no one to pay commission to. A cash buy is a direct transaction between you and the buyer, with no one in between to pay. You’ll also save on closing costs.

Cash buying companies offer an alternative to the traditional way of selling homes. The process is simpler and faster than what you might be familiar with. And, it’s entirely possible that you can save money.

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